February 2023

Hi everybody.

And its February! – and we are all still hoping for some form of summer this year.  It has definitely been a crazy few weeks since Christmas, with staff on holidays, and some getting COVID and not being able to work.  For the first time in a very long time, we have not been able to offer on the day or the next day appointments.  In fact, we are booking close to 2 weeks out. If you are needing a routine appointment, please book well in advance.

Dr Terry Reilly joined us in January and has fast become part of the team and patients are thinking he is great and very caring and accommodating.

We also had Leeanne Orban join us who is a Nurse Practitioner.  We are incredibly lucky to have her here two days a week.  Nurse Practitioners are autonomous practitioners and have the legal authority to practice beyond the level of a registered nurse. They work to the same capacity as a General Practitioner and are lead care providers that can manage your medical care. Nurse Practitioners provide care for people with common and complex conditions, run their own general practice clinics, diagnose, order and interpret tests, and prescribe treatments and medications for a range of patients across the lifespan.

On the 1st of May we will be welcoming Dr Lindsey Bekkedam.  Lindsey and her partner are coming over from the Netherlands to live in the Wellington area and we are delighted she has chosen to come to Upper Hutt to work.  She too will be working 4 days a week Monday to Thursday.


Repeat Prescribing – please read the patient information sheet at the end of this newsletter.

During the COVID years, and when patients were not able to come into the medical centre as freely as they would have liked, some patients have now not been seen for a long time.   To issue a prescription, a prescriber needs to check that your prescription meets the clinical requirements of the Medical Council and the legal requirements of the Medicines Regulations.

I would ask that you please read the patient information on repeat prescriptions sheet as there are clear guidelines on ordering repeat prescriptions.

Portal Messaging

Due to the shortage of staff and the over whelming demand in portal messaging, we have turned the messaging part of the patient portal off.  We may look at turning it back on for some doctors in the near future, and we will keep you updated on that.  Portal messaging was designed for a quick non urgent message, and it has now, for some patients, turned into a way of trying to have consultations and unfortunately, we just do not have the capacity to cope with these.

Flu Vaccination

The flu vaccination should be with us mid-March/early April.  As soon as we know when they are coming, we will inform you all.

Health Coach.

A health coach is a new and free service to support people to make health choices.  This is a FREE service that is offered here at Queen Street Medical.  Give us a call and book a time with Thomas.


Now that the borders have re-opened, we are getting an increase in patients contacting us about travel consults and what vaccinations are needed before going overseas.  You can fill out a travel form and our travel nurse will look over it and get back to you with what is needed and the pricing.  Email office@queenstreetmedical.nz to request a form.


A reminder on our after-hours service.  We have had such great feedback on this service, and patients are liking the fact that they do not have to go down to Lower Hutt.




Queen Street Medical are excited to inform all our patients that from the 14th of December, we are offering a new 24 hour After Hour phone service.

All you need to do is to remember our phone number 045283048.

Queen Street Medical phones will now be answered by clinical staff from Whakarongorau Aotearoa from 5pm until 8.30am weekdays and 24 hours on weekends and public holidays to help you with any health issues that you may have.

If needed, you may be referred to Practice Plus for an online virtual consultation. If you have no ability to access the Practice Plus website or do not have a credit card, you can go to Queen Street Pharmacy during their opening hours of 9am to 9pm daily except Christmas Day, and they will assist you in organising your virtual appointment.


  1. Ring Queen Street Medical 045283048
  2. Speak to Whakarongorau health professional
  3. Dealt with over the phone OR referred to Practice Plus for a virtual consult either at home OR Queen Street Pharmacy.
  1. Referral to another health care provider, ie ED or emergency dentist.



Phone consult Whakarongorau FREE


Virtual Practice Plus consult at home Community Service Card Adult $19.50

No Community Service Card Adult $55.00

Community Service Card Under 14 $19.50

No Community Service Card Under 14 $55.00


Virtual Practice Plus consult at Queen Street Pharmacy during 9am and 8.30pm. You need to have spoken to Whakarongorau before you go to Queen Street Pharmacy. Community Service Card Adult $19.50

No Community Service Card Adult $55.00

Community Service Card Under 14 FREE

No Community Service Card Under 14 FREE



You can still attend Lower Hutt After Hours, but we are encouraging our patients to use this service instead of turning up to an already overloaded waiting room. We are excited to be the first in the Hutt Valley to be able to offer this service and hope that you, our patients support this. Any questions at all, please phone us and we will be able to give you more information.



A repeat prescription is more than just a click of button!

 Despite what many may think, a prescribing doctor or nurse practitioner needs to check a number of routine things before they can issue a repeat prescription.

A prescription is a legal document. To issue a prescription, a prescriber needs to check that your prescription meets the clinical requirements of the Medical Council and the legal requirements of the Medicines Regulations.

  • When was the last time you were seen by a clinician either in-clinic or virtually?This is important as you may need clinical review. Prescribers can legally only roll over a prescription a certain number of times, depending on the condition, how stable it is, the type of medication, and best practice protocols. You may need to have a clinical measurement or blood test to ensure that the drug does not do you harm, or that it is still producing the clinical results required.
  • When was the last time blood tests and other monitoring were done?This is especially important if you are on medications for management of a long-term condition. If this has not been done within the last 12 months, you may be given a short supply of your medications and asked to go for a blood test or ECG.
  • Were you in or have you seen an external specialist, or had surgery with an external specialist recently?While we receive discharge summaries from some external providers, we need to check whether any medications have changed, been stopped or been added.
  • Whether the timing of the prescription is appropriate.  Many patients forget they have a repeat prescription available at the pharmacy. Check there first if unsure. Sometimes it may not be appropriate to re-prescribe medicines, for example-controlled drugs, as these prescriptions are only valid for 30 days.
  • Whether there are any medicines that won’t work well together.This happens often when you are asking for a medication that has not been prescribed for a while. You may have had other medications prescribed in the meantime that could interact or are now contra-indicated – sometimes this occurs after medications are started or changed by a specialist or hospital.
  • Please make requests for repeat prescriptions before you’re due to run out of medication as you may not be able to be issued a repeat without a review with your doctor. Remembering that it can take 2 to 3 weeks to get an appointment with your doctor.
  • You may request a repeat prescription without an appointment, but your doctor may determine that it is inappropriate to prescribe without seeing you.



  • You can request a repeat prescription by your patient portal, website or by phoning the prescription line.
  • Please be ready with the name and spelling of the medication/s you are requesting.
  • Charges apply for all repeat prescriptions except for under 14s. Our list of charges is at the front desk and on our website.
  • Prescriptions can take up to 48 working hours to process, depending on demand.
  • If a doctor decides that providing a repeat prescription is not appropriate without an appointment, you will be advised to arrange an appointment for you with your doctor.
  • If you have an overdue debt, you may be asked to pick your prescription up from reception and payment on the day will be required.


Our New Health Coach Service: