Comprehensive Skin Check

Let's beat skin cancer together!

New Zealand holds the unfortunate title of having the world’s highest incidence of skin cancer. The good news is that early detection is key to successful treatment. At Queen Street Medical, we invite you to book a comprehensive skin check with Dr. Andrew.

What Does The Check Include?

During this 30-minute appointment, Dr. Andrew will perform a general skin check focusing on skin cancers. The doctor will also offer advice on managing any skin lesions or cancers and may remove these if necessary. Using a dermatoscope, a tool similar to a torch with a magnifying lens, he will have a close-up look at any areas of concern. Photographs and measurements of any spots or moles may be taken for long-term monitoring.

What's the Cost?

The cost of this crucial health service is $150. If any follow-up recommendations are made, such as the need for minor surgery, extra charges will apply. Rest assured, we offer payment plans to make this essential health check accessible for everyone.

Skin Check