Hi all. We have now received formal information on how the roll out will look for all our patients. We anticipate that we will be starting to contact groups of our patients, either by text, email, portal or phone call, in the next few weeks, to invite them to contact the designated contact centre to book their appointment. These invites will continue over the next few months. We will not be doing the vaccines here at Queen Street Medical, as there are specialist clinics that have been set up in both Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt for our patients to

The flu season is coming…

Our vaccines are due to arrive on the 14th April 2021 for the over 65 year olds. The other funded and non-funded vaccines will arrive early May. Influenza vaccination is provided FREE for those who need it most (ask our reception staff to see if you are eligible for a free vaccine.) Influenza can be anywhere, so you can easily catch it and spread it to other people. Being young, fit or healthy will not protect you from influenza. Influenza is a serious illness that can put anyone in hospital or even kill them. The influenza vaccine cannot give you

Welcome Dr Sarah Williamson

We would like to welcome Dr Sarah Williamson to the Queen St team. Sarah will be joining us from the 26th of January and will be bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our practice. Sarah will be looking after all of Dr Tilly’s patients and will be taking a limited number of new enrolments.

March 2020 Newsletter

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