COVID 19 Update

We are still open and available for normal consultations

There are so many changes happening on a daily basis, and we are doing everything we can to keep you updated on what is happening at Queen Street Medical, mainly via our Facebook page – Queen Street Medical UH.

The situation feels very overwhelming as I’m sure you will all agree, and we are doing our utmost to keep our staff and you as patients safe and well. We have a few staff that are no longer able to work from our premises and this will have a small impact on nursing appointments.

The Ministry of Health have instructed all medical centres to cut down on face to face consults, so we will be offering phone consults for a range of issues like WINZ certs, ACC18 and medical issues not requiring examination. These both will be charged at a normal consultation price.

Please note that we are still doing child hood vaccinations and flu clinics.

If you do need to see your Doctor, they will give you a call and see if it is something that can be dealt with over the phone or they will ask you to come in as normal if they need to do an examination.

Our phone lines are going CRAZY so please be patient with us, we promise to get to you as soon as we can. This is an incredibly stressful and uncertain time for all our medical staff, please be kind, we are doing our very best for you.

Please stay safe and well and please remember unless you must go out, stay at home.

Covid-19 numbers in the community continue to rise. It is important to ensure you have accurate information on this illness so please regularly check and

If you believe you might have Covid-19 please take the following actions:

  • If you have mild symptoms that you are managing at home but aren’t sure if you need testing, please call the Covid Healthline on 08003585453 
  • If you believe you need medical assessment, please call Queen Street Medical and a Doctor or nurse will call for a phone consult or arrange for a face to face assessment.
  • If you are very unwell: such as struggling to breathe or confused, please call an ambulance to take you to hospital.

If you have any concerns or questions, please phone us – we are here to take your calls.