Community Services Card Changes

From the 1st of December, all patients that hold a Community Services Card will be able to see their Doctor for a standard 15 minute consultation or ACC consultation at a reduced rate. The new charge for an adult will be $18.50 or $12.50 for 14 to 17 year olds. There will also be a reduced cost for repeat prescriptions. If you think you are eligible for a Community Services Card then please contact WINZ and talk to them. We must have your card number in our computer system to be able to apply the cheaper rates.

The flu season is coming…

Our vaccines have been delayed and are due to arrive early April 2018. Influenza vaccination is provided FREE for those who need it most (ask our reception staff to see if you are eligible for a free vaccine.) Influenza can be anywhere, so you can easily catch it and spread it to other people. Being young, fit or healthy will not protect you from influenza. Influenza is a serious illness that can put anyone in hospital or even kill them. The influenza vaccine cannot give you “the flu”. More than a million kiwis get annual influenza immunisation – get it early